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What is a smart projector
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Smart projector, also known as smart projector, is a kind of device that can project images or videos to the curtain. It can play corresponding video signals through different interfaces with computer, VCD, DVD, BD, game console, DV and so on.
Projectors are widely used in homes, offices, schools and entertainment places. According to different working methods, there are different types of CRT, LCD, DLP and so on.
Classification by application environment
1, home theater smart projector: its characteristic is that the brightness is about 2000 lumens (with the development of the projection this number is increasing, the contrast is higher), the projection of the picture aspect ratio is more than 16:9, a variety of video port is complete, suitable for playing movies and high-definition TV, suitable for home users.
2, portable business smart projector: generally the weight of less than 2 kg of projector is defined as a business portable projector, the weight is about the same as a light and thin laptop. The advantages of business portable projector include small size, light weight and strong mobility. It is a substitute for traditional slide projector and large and medium-sized projectors. The combination of light and thin laptop computer with business portable projector is the first choice for mobile business users to conduct mobile business demonstrations.
3, education conference type projector: general positioning school and the enterprise application, use the resolution of the mainstream, brightness is controlled in 2000-3000 lumens, medium weight, heat dissipation and dust is better, suitable for installation and travel short distances, functional interface is rich, easy to maintain, price performance ratio is relatively high, suitable for bulk purchase its widespread use.
4, mainstream engineering projectors: compared to the mainstream of ordinary projectors, engineering projectors projection area is larger, farther away, high brightness, and generally support multi-bulb mode, can better cope with the large and changing installation environment, for education, media and government and other fields are very applicable.
5. Professional theater smart projector: This kind of projector pays more attention to stability and emphasizes low failure rate. Its heat dissipation performance, network function and convenience of use are very strong in projectors. Of course, in order to adapt to a variety of professional applications, the most important feature of the instrument is its high brightness, the brightness can reach more than 5000 lumens, the highest can exceed 10000 lumens. Due to its large size and heavy weight, it is usually used for special purposes, such as theaters, museums, city halls, public areas, and can also be used to monitor traffic, police command centers, fire and air traffic control centers and other environments.
6. Measuring projector: This kind of projector is different from the above several kinds of projectors, early called contour projector, with the popularity of grating ruler, projectors are installed with high precision grating ruler, people are also called measurement projector (or projector, such as the more famous domestic measurement projector cpJ-3015 produced by Gao Cheng Company), in order to distinguish from the traditional projector, This type of projector is called a measuring projector. Its main function is the product parts through the transmission of light to form an enlarged projector, and then determine the size of the product with standard film or grating ruler. Due to the development of industrialization, this measuring projector has become one of the most commonly used testing instruments in manufacturing industry.
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