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Analyze the smart watch industry
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A, advantage
1. Investors are optimistic about the industry
Smart watch is a very popular concept in recent years, which is favored by many investors. With the joining of domestic investors, the development environment of the smart watch industry will be further mature, the scale of enterprises in the industry will continue to expand, and the overall strength of the industry will be improved.
2. Demand continues to grow
The demand for smart watch in China still has a lot of room for growth. Driven by the level of domestic consumption, the market capacity of Smart watches in China will maintain a stable growth trend in the future.
Second, the disadvantage
1. One of the main reasons hindering the development of China's smartwatch industry is that domestic enterprises are backward in related technologies and weak in technical strength.
2. Lack of international well-known brands and weak competitiveness in the global market.
3, the market order is chaotic, shanzhai and fake products are repeatedly banned, disrupting the sight of consumers.
Three, opportunity,
China has a large population. With the economic development and the improvement of people's living standards, the improvement of residents' consumption level will drive the development of the domestic smartwatch industry. Therefore, China's smartwatch market is a market with great potential, and there are great development opportunities for domestic smartwatch products.
Four, threats,
1. Competition from foreign brands. The sales of foreign smartwatch brands in The Chinese market continue to increase every year, which has caused more and more impact on enterprises in the industry.
2. The development of local large-scale enterprises will cause certain influence and threat to other enterprises in the industry.
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