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company news about How to use smart projector correctly

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How to use smart projector correctly
Latest company news about How to use smart projector correctly
Smart projector is a kind of expensive equipment, use and maintenance must develop good habits, strictly according to the operation requirements to do, if the operation is improper, will bring fatal damage to the projector, and the correct and standardized operation can obtain long-term and stable use effect.
First, start: before starting the device, first turn on the power socket switch, and then turn on the device. If you need to connect to a computer, turn on the smart projector first and then turn on the computer, especially the windowsXP machine. If the indicator blinks when the projector is started, the device is started. You can proceed with the next step only when the indicator does not blink. When the machine is turned on, it has a warm-up process, which takes about 10 seconds. During this, must not think projector has not worked and repeatedly press start key, the impact current that frequent boot produces can affect the service life of bulb. At the same time, it is strictly prohibited to shake, move the projector under the boot state, and forcibly power off to prevent accessories from burning and blasting.
Two, use: it is strictly prohibited to switch on and off repeatedly, pay attention to more screen switching. Fast and repeated switch intelligent projector will damage the bulb, shorten the life of the bulb, so usually try to reduce the number of switch. Please wait at least 5 minutes after turning off the projector before turning it on. In the process of use, if there is an unexpected power failure but still need to start the projector, wait for the projector to cool for 5-10 minutes, then start again. Continuous use time should not be too long, generally controlled within 4 hours, in the summer high temperature environment, the use of time should be shorter. When using a laptop, it is necessary to link the power cord to prevent the power supply from running out midway, and cause the projector bulb to burn out. After the boot, we should pay attention to constantly switch the screen to protect the projector bulb, otherwise it will make the LCD board or DMD board internal local overheating, causing permanent damage. When the picture is unclear, it can be adjusted by adjusting the aperture on the projector. 6. If you want to move the projector during use, you need to move it gently to avoid damage to the internal components caused by vibration. Projector use mistake: when open conference, fix a title to be projected on the big screen for a long time. Start up 0.5 hours in advance and fix one screen. Fixed a screen for more than 15 minutes without switching screens. Forget to turn off the multimedia projector.
3. Shutdown: turn off the equipment, first turn off the power of each equipment, wait for the projector to automatically cool down and then turn off the socket power. Use the remote control to turn off the power (key), and the projector can only be turned off when the indicator light does not blink. After the shutdown can not immediately cut off the power supply, wait for the projector fan completely no longer turn, flashing green light no longer flashing, become yellow light, and finally become red light. It takes about five minutes to turn off the power again. Please wait patiently. Do not directly unplug the power plug of the projector, so that the heat generated by the normal operation of the projector will not be released and burn the motherboard, light bulbs and other components. In addition, after the projector is turned off, it cannot be turned on again immediately. It can only be turned on when the red flashing signal light at the bottom of the projector does not blink for several minutes. When folding up the screen, the screen switch is thrown up. When folding up the screen, after receiving the top, you must remember to throw the screen switch in the middle of the stop position;
4. Other matters needing attention: When the projector is idle, the power must be completely cut off. If the bulb machine is used, the bulb contains inorganic mercury. When the bulb breaks, the mercury in the bulb will flow out. If the bulb explodes during use, leave the site immediately and keep the site ventilated for at least 30 minutes to avoid inhalation of mercury gas. Otherwise, health risks may arise. Use in less dust environment, can extend its service life. Need to be used in the multi-coordination, some dust activities to pay special attention to. Do not aim the light source of the smart projector at your eyes, which may lead to blindness. The mobile smart projector should be placed in a flat place parallel to the screen.
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