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Smart Projector solution
Latest company news about Smart Projector solution
smart projector is one of the many intelligent electronic products in recent years. It is a projector with hardware and software extendable, man-machine interaction, multimedia interconnection and other functions. It can realize web search, network video, video on demand (VOD), digital music, network education resources, network video and other application services.
smart projector is becoming the third kind of information access terminal after computer and mobile phone. Users can access the information they need at any time.
The smart projector will also become a smart device, realizing cross-platform search between the projector, the network and the program;
The smart projector will also be an "entertainment center", allowing users to search for various Internet resources, conduct teleconference, and deliver satellite and Internet video.
As the name implies, smart projectors are miniature projectors with built-in systems. Based on the differences of built-in systems, their functions are also different. From the market point of view, smart projector is divided into two kinds: Android smart projector and Linux system smart projector.
Smart projector technology.With the maturity of mobile Internet technology and the popularity of mobile devices such as mobile phones and tablets, users' habits of using projectors have undergone fundamental changes. It has long been outdated to connect projectors with video and audio cables, and the projection technology of wireless connection has gradually become the standard configuration of the new generation of smart projectors. Devices such as computers, phones and tablets can be directly connected to the projector through Bluetooth, WIFI and other means.
But the mature high-speed wireless transmission technology, intelligent projector in the face of full hd multimedia file TB level wireless transmission needs, can still ensure the projector output signal stability, fine and smooth picture.
Major manufacturers have developed wireless projection devices using wireless transmission technology, such as Viewsonic's "Smart Infinite Pass". The latest version 3.0 uses HDMI/MHL interface, which can easily achieve wireless projection without external power supply.
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